Frequently asked questions


Weezycast is a comprehensive webinar platform with live chat. It allows you to schedule broadcasts and invite presenters and viewers to join. The solution will work for anyone who wants to deliver video content and be able to interact with the audience in real time.
Setting up your first webinar will only take a minute. Just enter some essential information and you’ll be ready to go. A unique link will be generated for the lecturer to access and the broadcast, and the same will be done for every attendee you add. Provide the participants with relevant links and they’ll be able to join in due time.
No, you don’t have to install anything. Weezycast works in a cloud. Everything you need is in dashboard.
Dashboard allows you to perform all the webinar-related actions, however, there are no options to customize any of the platform’s components. If you’d like to see some changes to Weezycast, or you’re interested in adding new features to it, feel free to contact us to discuss custom development at a fee.
At the moment, Weezycast is only available in English. You can help us translate it into your language in exchange for a one-time, month-long upgrade to your current plan. Say, you haven’t subscribed yet but have translated the content for us - we’ll provide you with a month of the Standard plan for free. If you’re already using Pro, for example, we’ll bump you to Ultimate.

Webinar experience

There are three types of users in Weezycast.

  • 1. Account owner - the person who signed up and holds access to Weezycast dashboard. This person can set up and edit webinars, invite people to join, manage subscription, and get attendance insights once a webinar is over.
  • 2. Lecturer - the person who delivers the course or lecture. In other words, the individual others are watching on their screens.
  • 3. Attendee - the person attending the webinar, the listener. This individual watches the lecture and can interact with the speaker and other attendees via live chat.
Both lecturer and attendee are provided with unique links taking them to a relevant login screen. The links are generated in dashboard and sent out by the Weezycast account owner.
Yes, Weezycast webinars include live chat. Besides standard text-based communication, the add-on also allows for uploading files. The entire design is very clean and minimalistic, and thus non-distractive.
Once your webinar is over, you’ll be presented with a brief overview of the broadcast right there on the screen. On top of that, you’ll have access to things like all the messages posted in the chat, user activity log, and other information in your Weezycast dashboard.


When you sign up for your Weezycast account, you don’t have to pay or provide any payment details. However, with no actual subscription set up, you may only use the demo version allowing for a single webinar to be attended by one user. You can activate more features upon subscribing to any of the plans.
At Weezycast, we accept credit cards and PayPal as the payment methods. You may want consider subscribing for a whole year upfront and save two months worth of subscription fee.
Yes, there's a dedicated tab in the Subscription section of your Weezycast dashboard, where you can download invoices in PDF format.
Your Weezycast subscription can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled anytime. We only charge you for the current month and there are no extra fees added.
Once you enter a set of payment details, there’s no option to simply replace them. If, for example, you wish to use another card, please cancel your current subscription and resign right after with the new details.