Comprehensive webinar solution

That’ll teach them!

Take the lead!

Set up and run lectures,
courses, and webinars.

Provide internal training
for remote teams.

Brainstorm and hold
online conferences.

Our all-in-one platform provides you with the tools necessary to
educate and cooperate at a distance.

Weezycast features

Easy setup
no third-party plugins required
browser-based solution
audio and video streaming
user engagement verification
attendees can join easily
easily scalable
live chat for better engagement
screen sharing

Why go Weezy?

  • All-in-one

    Look no further. Everything you need to arrange and hold a webinar is in your Dashboard.
  • Classy look

    Clean, minimalistic design provides for a pleasant, non-distractive webinar experience.
  • Stay in control

    Set the rules. Determine all the details of the broadcast and provide access credentials as you wish.
  • Live chat

    Included is a handy live chat widget, allowing participants to ask questions and attach files.
  • Track and trace

    Don’t let the students slack. Set verification thresholds needed to complete the course.
  • Keep on going

    Rinse and repeat. The platform allows you to continue streaming on your terms once you set up the account.

Connect and control

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